Parent-Child Relationship Coaching
for Adults & Children

Creating memorable experiences.
Building a stronger connection and
better understanding between parent & children.

My Mission

I bring the parents and their kids closer together through fun activities. My goal is to create a better understanding between you and your kids(s), build strong connections and family bonds which in turn will reflect in your personal and professional life.

“It’s not the places we go towards or things we do in our lives that define us and who we become; but the people we interact with and what we make of relationships. We become who we associate with.”

Patrik Stastny

The Way

We do individual sessions to move the relationship forward with the following adventure experience packages available. These are intended to level up the results and help move the relationship forward, approaching the issue more realistically. Sometimes it in real-time allows for better reflection and understanding of issues, instead of sitting in a room and expressing feelings, emotions, or situations. Often each one views a situation from a different perspective. Looking at it in retrospect, that can be lost in translation between a parent and child

Parent & Kids Alignment Retreat

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2x Relationship Assessment meetings

2.5 day ‘weekend’ away

1x feedback session

Relationship Transformation Challange

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3x Relationship Assessment meetings:
1x Parent, 1x Kid, 1xTogether

1 day Guided Event & Evaluation

3x Follow Up Sessions:
1x Parent, 1x Kid, 1x Together

Ultimate Bonding Adventure

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  • Total of 6h of meetings before and after
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  • Rentals/entrances/activities/event costs
  • 7 days of action packed fun & bonding

Patrik Stastny,
Parent-Child Relationship Coach

I am fascinated with human interaction and how people become who they are. Looking back at certain moments and decisions in our life, that seem small at the time, eventually having immense impact on who we are. How things that might seem insignificant or just be a fleeting moment can create a huge directional change in our lives.

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Parent & Child Relationsip Coaching

family. It goes further in how the child acts in the future what they become and how a good parent child relationship can not only level the child up into the future but also giving a more fulfilling satisfying life as a parent. Life becomes so much easier and parenting more effective which then grows not just within the family but to our surrounding and social circles. Having a different mind set is what moves people forward and so if we can create a positive mind set between the parent and child it will help them grow exponentially.

Relationship Coaching

This topic is more of an aspect of the issue being approached as a whole. The relationship between a parent and a child isn’t stand-alone. With another parent, separated, divorced or not biological then there is probably a stone unturned here that requires talking about as a whole and not just about two individuals when there are relationship difficulties. This is also something that is dealt with and observed while working together.

Kids Coaching

This is just part of the aspect of whole parent child relationship coaching. Being alone with the child during bonding experiences one can approach the child in a different way than the parent. I can discuss things that the child might feel comfortable discussing with me but not the parent. Part of the bonding adventure is to create a situation where the child feels ‘on top’ of the parent. To be more knowledgeable and experienced than the parent. See how the child reacts to their own frustration when the parent is ‘incompetent’. Feelings of autonomy, belonging, and independence are some of the most effective feelings that motivate your children and can also through awareness make them see the parent’s perspective.

Parent & Kids Communications

Should be covered in school more than certain other topics. Even adults have poor communication skills which can be seen from board meetings to individual assignments that are lost in translation and done differently than expected. As children grow and new things affect them like puberty and parents become older and more ‘tired’ and less energetic, making communication a big issue. Sometimes parents make something bigger than it is because our minds are elsewhere and that becomes a catalyst for communication issues; parents lose their cool, get frustrated or angry. Stop acting rationally, productively, and constructively.

Bonding adventures put parent/child under a certain level of pressure. By Spending alone time with the child after something happened, it creates an outlet for the child to share things they might not do while having big emotions with the parent around. We go through where issues stem from. Looking at other means of approaching a situation that is comfortable, easy and acceptable for parent and child.

Parent & Kids Bonding Adventures

This is the main aspect of what I do. I bring the adult and child closer together The world is moving ever so faster and having ‘less time’. Everyone is doing everything and nothing at the same time, cutting one of the most valuable moments out of their lives. Spending less time with their children, sending them to various afterschool activities to get them ‘busy’ and not be bored. It’s actually more beneficial to be bored but that’s for another story. Parents mention difficulties with their children. When I get to see them in live interaction, without a set controlled environment of a room where there is no outside force to affect the behavior, issues can be approached or targeted more directly. Especially when discussing with the parents a specific moment that we were all part of and witnessed together. We find out the background behind a behavior or action that can be worked on to ‘level-up’ the relationship.

My Approach & Philosophy

I believe that actions speak louder than words. I meet with not only the parent(s) but also the children both separately and together. I then create a bonding experience that can be as short as a few hours or as long as several days. After the event we meet together and/or separately and look at actionable steps towards strong family connections.

I find it is one thing to sit in a room and discuss and work on things each person perceives. But something entirely different when seeing the two sides interact. Often when sitting in a room basing a decision on just words we can come away with a different interpretation. Sometimes even though we use the same words they can have slightly different meaning or importance to each person.
The commitment to taking steps for some realistic change is different for everyone.  Parents and children often use past moments to point things out to each other or interpret them differently not necessarily being able to understand them the same way. Conflicting moments in the past can be muddled, forgotten, remembered differently or not explained clearly as our perceptions change with time.

By adding actual real bonding experiences where personal interaction happens naturally and reactions and reflections happen spontaneously there is a great opportunity to see how things pan out in real time. Issues and situations that are relatively fresh in our minds can be discussed after the event to then work on bringing compassion, empathy and better understanding of each other’s worlds.

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